The Center for Culture, History, and Environment (CHE) is committed to the pursuit of excellence in research, outreach, and inclusion as inextricably linked goals. CHE draws together faculty, academic staff, graduate students, and others, from a wide array of disciplines — in the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences — to investigate environmental and cultural change in the full sweep of human history.

Consistent with its mission, CHE’s research initiative encourages multidisciplinary collaborations in environmental research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and beyond. CHE sponsors research working groups at various stages of development — from the initial exchange of ideas to the development of funding proposals or research products. Working group projects that have been sufficiently developed are eligible to apply to receive funding from CHE.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact CHE ( prior to submitting a proposal.

Benefits of CHE-Sponsored Research Working Groups

  • Eligibility to receive funds for research-related costs
  • Grant-writing support/sponsorship (when applicable)
  • Access to the vast network of CHE faculty, graduate student, and community associates as potential collaborators
  • Access to CHE’s conference room or lounge for group meetings
  • Research featured on CHE’s website and publicized by CHE and the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Opportunities to present research to the CHE community