Farmer John

(or) “How to run your farm from 500 miles away”

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Here in the middle of “America’s Dairyland” the fields of corn are golden brown, sun dapples the red barns and peaceful cows dot the countryside. City folks like to romanticize idyllic side-of-the-road notions of life on the farm; but here’s a dairy farmer who loves his life ... and has a lot more to talk about than milk yield.

Director/Camera: Megan Katz; MFA, Art;

Thanks: First and foremost to Farmer John Dougherty for his great generosity in sharing with me both his stories and so many hours of his time! To Judith Helfand, Gregg Mitman, Sarita Siegel and Erika Simon for organizing and teaching such a fantastic class and to the students of Env. 420 for all their shared time, help, and expertise!

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